“I’m really sorry but it came down to budget in the end. We had a cheaper option that we’ve gone for.”

Why should you choose BiTC Media? We hear this line occasionally from clients. I used to be a production manager and so do appreciate that it really does come down to budget sometimes. But as someone that has been ordering post production script services, and the flip side of providing said services. I have some thoughts on why it shouldn’t only come down to budget.

I believe everyone would benefit from using BiTC Media for their post production scripts. But it wouldn’t be a fair argument if I didn’t balance it with the reasons I feel this way.

We’re really tight on budget, can you reduce your quote at all?

We already place ourselves competitively in this market. Whilst we may not be the cheapest what we offer is high quality and value for money.

If you were asked by your manager to do what you do every day, keep doing it really well but at the end of the day he would take £50 out of your pay packet. I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be many people that would jump at that ‘opportunity’!

If you choose to work with BiTC Media, what we do provide is a detailed and timecoded transcription that has been checked thoroughly and will be formatted in a way that can be delivered to multiple broadcasters. This can be used by subtitling teams and translated clearly for distribution. So you are getting more than just a basic post production script when you book with us.

Another factor in our pricing is that we are proud to be a Living Wage Employer. This means that everyone that works for us earns a fair and decent wage for the work they do. So many transcription companies pay transcribers as little as 30p per running minute which would equate to around £18 for a 60 minute post production script!! That’s at least 6 hours work for around £3 per hour which is just unacceptable.

From a business perspective, that’s not the company we want to be.

I have a really urgent project that needs completing by lunchtime, can you help?

In short the answer is YES! But the work involved in these transcriptions is vast and so it’s not something that can be rushed. The concentration needed to complete a post production script for a 60 minute programme cannot be condensed into 3 hours of work.

We have a fantastic team of transcribers that all work to a uniformed format. The advantage of working with BiTC is that we can put two or three people on one project in order to complete it much faster. You would never know the difference because all of their work is of the same high quality and is checked fully before delivery.

I don’t need BiTC Media, I can find freelancers online… 

Sometimes we see job requests, posted online and in Facebook groups,  looking for in-house loggers or transcribers for certain projects. Whilst this is certainly a way of saving money, in the long run, it might not be that cost effective!

One advantage is you could find three or four experienced transcribers to work on your project for slightly less cost wise. The disadvantage is that there is no way of verifying their skills until you have used them. I have worked with transcribers found in forums and whilst two of the five were actually brilliant, the others were a combination of slow, no attention to detail, no spell checking, or just unreliable. For me, the negatives outweigh the positives by a long way. This is why we only have transcribers that are fully trained working in our team.

That way we know that everything that we deliver is 100% accurate.

It’s all in the planning! 

Back when I was a production manager, I was astonished at how expensive it could be. When I set up BiTC Media, I wanted to be different and offer a service that was value for money but still fair for all involved.

We have a brilliant team of transcribers that work flexibly and so we don’t have a standard 9 to 5 service. Our services are available whenever you need us. Because of that, we don’t need to charge you ridiculous fee’s just for working on a weekend. Choosing to work with BiTC Media gives you access to our flexible team members. Team members that prefer working evenings and weekends so they are well placed for our fast turnaround projects.

The only time we charge fast turnaround fees is if we have to reschedule other projects to accommodate a fast turnaround project.

Production managers are notoriously good at planning. It is always cost effective to get things pencilled in ahead of time. We will always try to accommodate changes in your schedule if we know about things in advance.

We’re here to make your lives easier. We will work hard to provide a high-quality service whatever your requirements. You can view recent testimonials that back this up and a huge back catalogue of broadcast projects, high-end drama, children’s animation and film to prove it.

Our website is updated regularly so take a look and please do get in touch if we can help with anything at all.