Post production scripts & paperwork for the TV & film industry

Post production scripts & paperwork for the TV & film industry

When you’ve just wrapped filming of a TV show or film, it can be tempting to get stuck straight into that next big project. But wait! First you have to deal with all that pesky post production paperwork the broadcaster needs you to provide. What if we told you that we can take it out of your hands and you won’t need to worry about a thing?

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What do you need us to help with?

We’ll happily speak directly to your post production house to produce film and TV post production scripts, fully timecoded and meeting all standard requirements. We can also provide interview transcriptions, music cue sheets and even audio translations into a large number of languages. So, whether you have rolls and rolls of footage that need to be transcribed in time for tomorrow’s edit, or a finished masterpiece that needs a post production script, email BiTC Media to find out how we can help.

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Why choose BiTC Media for your post production paperwork?

We’re experts at what we do

Our entire team are industry trained. Between us we know all there is to know about creating post production scripts, audio transcriptions and other paperwork. You can trust us to get it right for you.

We’re highly professional

We make sure that the post production paperwork we create is accurate, consistent and branded. That way if there’s a query after you’ve submitted the papers, the broadcaster can contact us direct.

We’re flexible and friendly

We understand the stresses of production management – we’ve been there! So, if you need something quickly, or a production deadline slips, give us a call and we’ll help put your mind at rest.

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