Spotting Lists, Post Production Scripts and Paperwork for the TV & film industry

Fast, affordable Script Services for the TV & film industry

When you’ve just wrapped filming a feature doc or film, it can be tempting to get stuck straight into that next big project. But wait! Have you been asked to deliver post production scripts and paperwork to your broadcaster?

What if we told you that we can take it out of your hands and you won’t need to worry about a thing?

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What do you need us to help with?

Post production scripts and post paperwork are contracted deliverables for all productions for all broadcasters. Alongside these, Combined Continuity Dialogue Spotting Lists (catchy name ‘eh!) or Spotting Lists are becoming a more common deliverable requirement for major broadcasters of film and TV.

We’ll happily speak directly to your post production house to get a final cut of your production to work from, taking one more thing off your to do list.