Before Christmas, we worked on a comedy short for Channel 4 – Furious Andrew. Made by the fantastic guys at Kudos you can watch it here. Its only 12 minutes and it stars the brilliant Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords)

We were involved with the set up of filming through to final post production script and delivery paperwork.


Synopsis c/o Channel 4

An explosive odyssey of betrayal, revenge, and nappy rash. When special ops luminary Andy Stone (Rhys Darby) stumbles on a government-level conspiracy, his wife vanishes (presumed exploded) and Stone is left holding the baby. Exiled from the only life he has ever known, the fugitive father sets off with his 18 month old daughter and their newly home-weaponised buggy in search of justice. Set in a heightened dystopian parallel universe 5 minutes from now Furious Andrew mixes 70’s Samurai exploitation movies, buddy comedies, and 80s action romps, grounded in a (mostly) recognisable contemporary British backdrop.