We’re a little late posting this as we’ve been so busy this summer! But a little while back we were asked by Orillo Films to provide a post production script to accompany this remarkable film, Brothers in the Sand.

Brothers in the Sand | Trailer from Orillo Films on Vimeo.

Full synopsis C/O Hat Trick International

This feature documentary following five courageous brothers who attempt to complete the hardest and most dangerous footrace on earth, The Marathon De Sables in the Sahara desert. Six Marathons in six days, 251km.

Five brothers attempt to become the first five siblings in history to complete the harshest and most dangerous footrace on earth, together. Five people bound by blood, going to the desert, running six marathons in six days across brutal terrain, in temperatures exceeding 50 degrees centigrade, and each with their own personal and very genuine reasons for doing it. There is the brother who has been in an arduous battle with depression for most of his adult life, the brother who has lost his sense of identity and whose wife doesn’t support his decision to run the race, the brother who wants to push himself to his physical limits, the brother who is running to make sure the others survive, and the brother who doesn’t want to be there but who couldn’t live knowing the other four did it without him. As a collective, they are driven by a powerful desire to do something special and far from their comfort zones, in memory of their late grandmother, wanting to strengthen the bond between them in a world where many of us grow continually further and further apart from our loved ones. The Sahara pushes their bodies, hearts and minds through a myriad of internal and external obstacles, and challenges their relationships, fitness and mentality. And at the point of survival, it leaves them with the question: “What would you leave behind in the desert? Family or Legacy?”