Have you asked yourself, is your podcast accessible to all?

We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of podcasts available in recent months. Regardless of what you enjoy and what your interests are, there is quite literally a podcast for everyone… or is there?

I have been listening to a variety of podcasts since lockdown started. I never really had the time before so only in this enforced state of ‘slow’ have I been able to search out those that interest me.

Some favourite’s currently in my own Apple library include;

Links here: Table Manners, Sh**ged Married Annoyed, Open Mind, And The What?, Castaway and Indigo Child.

When searching, one thing I noticed and possibly only because I’ve made a living providing transcriptions, captions and subtitles, is that very few podcasts offer a written version of their work.

It made me think, there is a whole audience out there that are missing out on the podcasts that I very much took for granted.

So doing what BiTC do best, I’ve decided to launch a new service for Podcast hosts and producers, to help make your podcasts accessible.

I want to help get your content out there, increase your reach and most importantly make your content more accessible to all.

Your shows can be transcribed and formatted, branded and delivered in rapid time. It’s a relatively inexpensive service but can provide so much more to your audiences.

If you host or produce a podcast, get in touch. For as little at £50 you can have a branded transcription in your inbox the very next day.

In addition, if you host your content on YouTube we can format for subtitles too! Don’t use the automated option – they’re never accurate!