Post production paperwork

You can rely on us to produce all forms of post production paperwork that you require for your TV production or film. Meaning you can relax and get on with what you do best, in the knowledge that there is at least one thing you won’t have to worry about.

There are no limits to what we can take on. Nowadays, there are many different deliverables that may be required before your broadcaster is able to accept your production. And you may even find that international versions of the paperwork need to be completed too. Would you be confident sorting it all out in-house?

We have worked with all the main UK broadcasters as well as producing paperwork deliverables for HBO, Netflix and Amazon, so we are used to working to varying technical specs on delivery.

Silvermouse, Soundmouse and Project Diamond

Completing broadcasters’ reporting returns on Soundmouse and Silvermouse, and uploading information to diversity database Project Diamond, can be a time-consuming task – one that your in-house teams may struggle to keep on top of.  We have a broad knowledge of these systems and can even be brought on board early in your production schedule to manage the entire data collection process. Doesn’t that sound good?

Our promise to you

All of our post production secretaries are trained and experienced in the completion of post production paperwork. And all take a huge amount of pride in producing a high quality output, with regular training and checks in place to ensure consistency and accuracy. Our team also have a detailed knowledge of Silvermouse and Project Diamond as well as a good understanding of broadcasters’ requirements around these systems.

We will work closely with you to manage moving deadlines as necessary, and can even provide work at short notice when required. We understand that sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Post production paperwork – what can you expect?

We can’t provide examples as the majority of the work we produce in this field is confidential but we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements if you are looking for assistance.


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