Audio transcriptions and edit scripts

If you need interview footage transcribed from your shoot, we can complete it for you. Whether you require specific interviews or full rushes, simply upload your files and we will ensure you have comprehensive transcriptions stress-free and ready for your edit.

If you have an interview-heavy programme, we can transcribe large volumes quickly, accurately and always by the time you need them.

For more information, see our interview transcriptions case study showing how we worked with the production team of One Born Every Minute to transcribe the entire production’s worth of interviews – over 9,000 minutes (or 150 hours!) of footage.

Our promise to you

All of our transcribers are trained within the TV industry, and have vast experience in the completion of interview transcriptions and logging.

You’ll find that using BiTC Media is more cost effective than on-location loggers. And there’s no need to worry about consistency, no matter how much work there is to cover. We’ll have a dedicated team working on your files, all of whom are trained to provide the same professional output. With larger jobs we introduce an additional level of checking to ensure that all transcriptions are accurate and consistent across the board.

Interview transcriptions and logging – what can you expect?

You will find below an example of the interview transcriptions that we produce. If you have any questions about the services we offer, please do get in touch.


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