We have just finished working on an exciting new CBBC gameshow called Remotely Funny. Made by Twenty Twenty Television for CBBC this new series is presented by the talented international vlogger Saara. 

BiTC Media produced 20 x post production scripts for the series.

Programme synopsis (C/O BBC Press Release)

In brand new show, international Vlogger Saara dives wirelessly into the lives of three contenders for the ultimate wifi gameshow, setting crazy challenges for them and their families and causing havoc round their homes.

In each episode three children living all over the UK will connect remotely via webcam and compete against each other to win samojis. The challenges include Bedroom Bonanza, Toilet Takedown, Food Flash and prepare to cringe big style in Remotely Funny Families, as mums and dads dance or sing their way to samoji success. In the final game, contestants need their wits about them, and an absurdly loud home-made buzzer, as this is the moment they can go from third to first and be crowned Remotely Funny Champion. There will also be surprise celebrity guests along the way.

In episode one, it’s time to partito, as Saara beams in from Italy connecting today’s contestants Alex in Eastbourne, Charlotte in Tyne and Wear and Catriona in Glasgow. They compete for a prize so sizzling hot it could heat your home for a week! Their delicious versions of Saara’s Finnish favourite ‘Allwehadleftinthefridge’ bring tears to her eyes and the mums’ attempts at finish the lyrics score high on the cringe factor. In one case they sing a completely different song. But who will bag themselves the most samojis and secure their place in the Remotely Funny hall of fame?

Click here to catch up now on iPlayer!