Ever since I left school, I have worked in the TV industry and it’s something I love and am passionate about.

When I had my first child almost 13 years ago, for a number of reasons, I felt my job in the TV industry wasn’t something I could go back to full-time. As a new mum, I couldn’t give it my full attention anymore and, because of childcare arrangements, I also couldn’t work the long hours required of this type of role.

So, I decided to start my own business that would allow me to keep a toe in the TV pond that I loved and whereby I could also keep in touch and work with colleagues as I found a way to work around my new family.

Its wasn’t the easy option by any stretch of the imagination. I spent months, actually the first few years working late into the night, around feeding, around nap times, around client deadlines…it has been challenging at times, but now, looking back, it was well worth it.

I now have a business that I can run that works around my family life. And I’ve created a company where I’m proud that the same rules apply for those that work for me.

I fully appreciate how hard it is getting back to work when you have other commitments that require your time and energy (not only children – we all have a lot going on in our lives aside from work!) and that is why BiTC Media is a proud supporter of the #FLEXAPPEAL movement.

At BiTC Media we have a large and diverse client base that all work to different schedules and deadlines.

So, why shouldn’t we? The benefits of flexible working in this way are clear.

For our Employees:

  • Their work-life balance is much more attainable –  with flexible hours on offer.

  • The ability to save money – flexible hours that work around childcare mean less commuting, less fuel costs, no coffees bought on the way to work etc…the list goes on.

For us, the Employer:

Remote workers help us to keep our overheads down which we then pass on to our clients making them very happy. It’s a winning formula all round.

We find that happy staff are more productive and more likely to want to work for you for a longer period of time. This helps us to invest in the staff we have and we also find the continued high-quality levels of work that we strive for are consistent.

BiTC Media is a proud supporter of: