Could you become a TV transcriber? Have you ever wondered what skills are needed or what it takes to excel in the TV Industry?

Due to the success of BiTC Media, our transcription service company, I am really excited to share our new BiTC Masterclass series!

Your favourite shows have all been transcribed by BiTC Media, including The Great British Bake Off, Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders, to name a few.

​We have worked with production companies, providing their transcriptions for many years. As a result, our knowledge and experience has grown immensely. We now know exactly what the production teams need and how to deliver it.

​The TV industry is everything you imagine it to be. Exciting, fast paced and interesting but it is hard work. But hard work is always easier if you enjoy what you do and so we will that excitement out of all of our trainees.

​The aim of our masterclasses is to encourage more people into the industry. We will be arming them with the necessary skills and information they need to thrive moving forwards. 

We have two masterclasses that will go live on 1st October! You can find out more using the above link.

‘Become a TV Transcriber’ is for those who want to get into TV or those that want to expand on their current skillset.

‘Advanced TV Transcribing’ is an in depth look at the transcription industry and how our finished transcriptions are used.

This is the start of an exciting new project, so please do share with anyone you think might benefit. We have a great transcriber case study on the blog too!

More details to follow but for now, check out our sister website BiTC Media Academy for more information.